O n the south western side of the town, you'll come across this neighborhood. The close proximity to the downtown area allows this city to consistently expand, and this is why we know you're going to love adventuring through town with one of our premium vehicles.

Casa Rasta

2056 Broadway, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 344-4700

We love that this joint brings the best of Mexican and Caribbean worlds together in the perfect blend that leave all the customers so happy! It's a beautiful and enjoyable atmosphere in which to dine, and whether you're seated at the tables or at the bar, you'll feel totally comfortable and right at home. The Jamaican jerk chicken burrito is a must-have and we love the avocado fries. BYOB!


1648-Broadway, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 344-6455

Huddle is a pretty unassuming bar and restaurant from the looks of things on the outside, but once you step one foot through those doors, you'll discover why all our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers love this Beechview gem so much. It's a cozy traditional Philadelphia style bar, just the way you love it. Great cheesesteaks, awesome jukebox!


2500 West-Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 344-8700

A nice barbecue joint that you might enjoy when you're in Beechview with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. They have gotten a ton of awards for their delicious food, so you don't just have to take it from us about their quality and flavor. The ribs are our top choice and we also love the brisket and pork!

Señor Frog's

2506 West-Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 531-4666

Señor Frog's is a simple-as-it-gets dive bar. A good place to grab some cheap wings, burgers, and drinks. The happy hour prices make it even better and we appreciate the fact that they accept credit cards, since not all dive bars do. The black and gold wings are the way to go! We also love the frog sauce and jalapeño honey wings! Mmm!

Redbeard's Bar & Grill

201 Shiloh St, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone number (412) 431-3730

Redbeard's Bar & Grill is one of the most famous spots in the Beechview area, essentially what's left of the original Redbeard's Mountain Resort & Yacht Club. The building is gorgeous and the service is old fashioned and friendly. We're all about the mozzarella cheese sticks, and the seafood lovers out there can't go wrong with an order of shrimp jammers!

Fiori's Pizzaria

103 Capital, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 343-7788

Fiori's Pizzeria is the place to know and go to when you are in the Beechview area looking to score some really amazing pizza, perfect for party bus groups! It's a tiny spot, so we really only recommend it for takeout to enjoy in your party bus vehicle. Their cheese is so delish and we're in love with their super thick pepperoni slices! Gotta love it.


230 W-Station, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone number (412) 481-7625

This is always a good one to visit, especially if your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group includes a lot of music lovers who appreciate those historic items hanging on the walls. The merchandise is plenty of fun too, in case you're the souvenir type. The food is often an afterthought for some folks, but it's really good!

El Milagro

1542 Beechview, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 388-1149

El Milagro is such a beautiful name for this Mexican and Latin American restaurant that you're going to want to return to so frequently. It is as authentic as it gets, absolutely packed with fresh flavor. The sopes are our favorite thing on the menu and we're also apt to recommend the crisp and tasty tacos!


Five Market-Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone number (412) 434-5600

Locals can't stay away, especially this convenient location at 5 Market Square. It's got a cool dive bar type of atmosphere and some of the greatest burgers and whiskey that you will find anywhere in the area. Super selection of everything, and wonderful service too.

Beto's Pizza & Restaurant

1473 Banks-ville, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-0121

Beto's Pizza & Restaurant is our last recommendation for the Beechview area and one of our top choices for great pizza in this vicinity! It's not the largest place around, so this one's better for your smaller get togethers but the food is out of this world and that extra-cheese pizza is essential even if it's just for takeout!

Beechview Zip code: 15216