W hether it's the Andrew Bayne Memorial Library, public park or library, you can feel confident knowing that this area is a family friendly one. Exploration often leads to hunger, so be sure to take into account the choices we've listed.


560 Lincoln Ave, Bellevue, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-9228

This is a really popular restaurant and bar in the Bellevue area that dozens and dozens of locals seme to enjoy each night. They serve such huge portions and the quality is just amazing. Their Sunday brunch is a major highlight here, so if you're celebrating on a weekend morning or afternoon, consider this your go-to spot!

Grille 565

565 Lincoln Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 301-8623

Grille 565 is a really nice, cozy, inviting American style restaurant that is a major attraction. It's one of the newer places in the area and it's already considered one of the best. The sandwiches and fries are the way to go for a hearty and filling lunch. Superb service and awesome ambiance!

Eat-and Park

1002 Ohio-River-Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-6764

Eat'n Park is beyond classic in the Bellevue area and beyond, and it's no secret that many choose this as a destination during their trips in this area. All of the food is really fresh and tasty, including but definitely not limited to that incredibly high quality salad bar. Both healthy and indulgent items abound!


649 California, Avalon, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-6662

The ideal Italian restaurant, very conveniently located for your party bus trips in and around Bellevue. They have a really nice bar here, and yet there is a Bring Your Own policy when it comes to alcohol, which is something that many of our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers appreciate! The dishes we'd recommend most highly are the veal specialties. Mmm!


634 Camp-Horne , Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone number (412) 847-1007

A gorgeous (and, yes, pricey) place to enjoy an amazing meal with your party bus group. This is one that we'd put firmly in the gourmet category, with quality and presentation that are just off the charts. They have gorgeous decor here, including slate accents and lovely lamps. You'll love the ambiance just as much as your food!


6570 Route Sixty, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Phone number (412) 494-9331

This might be one that you probably already know everything about, but who doesn't love this one for large party bus groups or even for smaller, more intimate outings with your good friends? It's always a loud and lively atmosphere, very conducive to fun times, and the food and drinks are just great. A very wide selection of yummy fare and cocktails.


4771 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone number (412) 369-5380

A really cozy spot where you and your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group will enjoy indulging in tasty sandwiches, soups, and burgers. The bar area is a particular highlight as far as we're concerned, with excellent bartender service and an incredible array of drinks to choose from. Lots of yummy and inventive sides to choose from here too.


8070 Ohio-River-Blvd, Emsworth, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 761-2233

Another cozy American restaurant conveniently located in the Bellevue area that is so ideal for your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus groups. There's lots of space here for even your biggest party bus outings, and they have such an amazing array of food to choose from, including both healthy choices and indulgent delicacies. Everything's delish!

Miller's Seafood House

3853 California Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 766-7459

Miller's Seafood House is a must-visit if you and everyone else in your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group just love a meal of high quality fish and shellfish. The lobster is the must-have if you're celebrating something special or just have some extra cash to blow! You definitely get what you pay for here, both with the food and drinks. Just delicious!

Hal's Bar & Grill

3225 Bab-cock, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone number (412) 364-3230

Hal's Bar & Grill will never let you down if you're after a laid back and cozy dining and drinking experience in Bellevue. Many locals who pile on our buses request it all the time! Our pro chauffeurs will be all too happy to take you to this wonderful destination for some yummy lamb with pilaf or perhaps some seitan! Superb!

Zip codes for Bellevue include: 15202