T here isn't anything we enjoy more than taking our customers around town in our premium quality vehicles. If you happen to be searching for quality options for dining, we've got you covered here with our suggestions. There's a lot to discover, so lets get started!


8070 Blvd, Emsworth, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 761-2233

An American favorite that's very conveniently located for our Ben Avon area Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers. The bar is the hub of activity here, with most people gathering there and really living it up while they enjoy those tasty drinks. The menu is just packed with amazing comfort food, from steaks to chicken to wings! Mmm.

Mia Madre-Trattoria

649 Cali, Avalon, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-6662

If nothing but a delicious Italian meal will do for your upcoming Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trip in Ben Avon, Mia Madre Trattoria is your best bet. They have a beautiful bar here and yet they still allow BYOB for wine, which is a major perk when you already have your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus bar stocked with your favorite bottles! Superb veal here!

Lee Restaurant

8145 Ohio-Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-7183

This restaurant has always made sure their customers were treated well over the years. It's simple and classic, with lovely decor that's not at all over the top as you can imagine. It's usually not too crowded here and they handle large party bus groups so well.


255 Camp Horne Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 761-6700

A restaurant that gets rave reviews from patrons in the Ben Avon area, particularly for their mind blowing Mexican food and wings. Everybody names this as one of their favorite places to play pool in the area, as well as to watch some big sporting events on television! Great service, great food, great drinks!

Eat and Park

1002 Ohio River Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-6764

Who doesn't know and love Eat'n Park? Known best for their breakfast and brunch, but great any time of day and any day of the week. You're sure to just adore this Ben Avon location. The salad bar is a nice healthy offering for those of you who are watching your waistline, but there are lots of indulgences here too!

Jackman Inn

918 Jackman Ave, Avalon, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-9919

If you're the type who can appreciate a great dive bar, then you will certainly want to pop in to Jackman Inn when you're in the Ben Avon area with us. It's as simple and as divey as it gets, with a small selection of good beer on tap, with our favorite being the Yuengling. The neighborhood bar vibe is just perfect and the service fits the bill.

Grille Five-60-5

565 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 301-8623

One of the newest establishments in the Ben Avon vicinity and it's already made a pretty big splash with our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers. It's not huge, but they generally handle our larger groups with ease, and they really have a great array of traditional American favorites for you to enjoy, including but not limited to mouth watering burgers!


560 Lincoln Ave, Bellevue, PA 15202
Phone number (412) 766-9228

Yet another neighborhood bar and restaurant type of place that the Ben Avon area is well known for. We love the Sunday brunch here and that's the time that we would most recommend going. Of course you'll want to make advance arrangements for a brunch with a large group, but they're generally able to handle it! Amazing omelets. Mmm!


1562 Island, Mckees Rocks, PA 15136
Phone number (412) 771-7191

Sciulli's Bar & Grille... one more classic American bar and restaurant for the road! Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trips never regret a stop here. The specials on their bar fare are just excellent and we can't resist that laid back feel at the bar. There is a separate dining area, so you can choose your ambiance based on your mood or occasion!

Zip codes for Ben Avon include: 15202