A happy time awaits you on board one of our vehicles, but where to? Although you can certainly use our services by themselves without any need for celebration, many locals love to take them somewhere. Here are some well known and respected establishments that will definitely provide a great experience for you, too.


932 Free, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone number (412) 781-1456

Burgatory is indeed the place that you stop before you go to hamburger heaven! This is a charming American restaurant where you can kick back with a good stiff drink and a truly juicy and delicious hamburger. The milkshake choices here are just superb, so if you love something creamy and cool with your burger, this is the place for you! Good old fashioned fun in a modern setting.


215 Allegheny-Avenue, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 820-7427

Another meat lovers' paradise, located so conveniently. The sports bar vibe is just ideal and they have such a huge selection of beer for you to enjoy. 30 rotating taps! This is a smoking establishment, so if you like to light up, you'll be happy about that.

Eat'n Park

849 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone number (412) 782-5550

Eat'n Park is a real classic out here in the Blawnox area and our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers know it! They visit most often for breakfast or brunch, but we recommend it all day long! The burgers are really good and so is the pasta, and you just cannot beat one of their thick and creamy milkshakes! No better way to melt away the stress of a long week.

Hoff Stot's

533 Allegheny, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 828-8555

This place has really taken good care of our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers over the years, and our Blawnox locals know that they can really rely on this consistent Italian restaurant that puts their customers first. They've got a bar here that's a cut above the rest and you will not be limited in your drink choices in any way, shape, or form!


211 Commercial, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone number (412) 782-6542

Tavern in the Wall manages to somehow straddle ALL the lines between bars, burger joints, and delis! This is one of the most popular places to watch the game when in the Blawnox area, and Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers definitely like to take advantage of this space for that very reason. Super drink specials, awesome burgers, and great beer selection.


1337 Old Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone number (412) 968-0848

This will really entice and excite you when you're headed out in Blawnox with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. If you're a lover of dim sum, you will really be pleased with everything that they have to offer here. The prices are quite moderate and the ambiance is just right for your casual nights out with your party bus group!

River Town

500 Jones, Verona, PA 15147
Phone number (412) 828-3707

A neighborhood bar and pizzeria that always pleases our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus travelers in the Blawnox area. They have some of the greatest jalapeno bites that we have ever laid tastebuds on and we are just completely hooked on their delicious pizza. The ambiance is that of a cool bar and the service is as top notch as can be!


46 Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone number (412) 781-3700

Donato's is an Italian steakhouse and seafood restaurant that is our top recommendation for classy celebrations in the Blawnox area. You'll want to dress up and look your best for nights out here, and the top recommendations from us are the filet and the lobster if you've got the cash to blow!


983 Free Port, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone number (412) 781-7600

Excellent sushi and hibachi fare is consistent here. The fresh sashimi will absolutely blow your mind, and we're really happy with all of the money-saving specials that they offer here. Don't overlook the salad, as it is particularly refreshing and delicious, and the drink selection is really good too!


5997 Penn Cir S, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone number (412) 362-2333

Burger lovers on the road with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus in Blawnox know that they can always rely on BRGR for a juicy and filling treat. The bar is really cozy and you'll love knocking back brewskis while you chill with your good friends and family during personal outings, or with your colleagues during business outings. Awesome place!

Zip codes for Blawnox include: 15238