E astern suburbs of Pittsburgh include this community that can be found ten miles upstream from the big river. The setting of many books and movies, we're confident any videophiles will enjoy a scavenger hunt exploring the streets. For those looking for food and drink, we have the best options listed below.

Emil's Lounge

414 Hawkins Ave, Braddock, PA 15104
Phone number (412) 271-9911

This watering hole has always been a great choice for those who are traveling. It's as old school as it could possibly be, dim and dark with simple decor, with the focus on the drinks and food, right where it belongs. The super low prices make it even more of a plus for the budget-conscious!

Hot Dog Stand

1118 Southern Brad, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 241-4666

The menu is as fun as it is funky! Our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers really dig this convenient Braddock establishment, quite affordable and always a good time. They've got that cool bar atmosphere that you're after and a really good selection of beer for you to choose from.


601 Amity St, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-6220

A local Braddock gastropub that is a frequent destination. The kitchen has a ton of great bar food for you to choose from here, including their famous brisket sandwiches, the pork tacos, and the ahh-mazing nachos. Mm-mmm good! Their homemade salsa is another plus!


216 Eight, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-4615

We love this joint becsause it is all about good American food along with a nice ice cold beer. That's generally what our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers are after, so if you're headed out with your group in the Braddock vicinity, this one's clearly a good choice. The open kitchen is nice and we just love the old fashioned cafe vibe. Very cool.

Reindeer Bar

322 Eastern, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 464-9023

These guys have gotten a lot of attention from our party bus travelers in recent months, oh-so-conveniently located for our Braddock area partygoers, and with a great American lounge atmosphere like this, what more could you desire? Nice lighting, eclectic decor, and really comfortable seating. One of the best around.

One Seventy 4

1113 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 243-4348

One of the more upscale choices, very ideal for special celebrations with your party bus groups. We love how they have stocked the bar with classic cookbooks from years gone by, and you'll definitely enjoy browsing through those while you sip cocktails or a tall beer. The pork belly carbonara is the bomb!


655 Rodi Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Phone number (412) 371-5560

This has really captured our attention in recent months. This is a pricey-but-well-worth-it Brazilian steakhouse and lounge, with a mind blowing menu and an impressive selection of cocktails and drinks for you to indulge in. Beautiful bar area, ample seating for your larger groups, and just a great overall vibe.

Bar on Monon

2122 Monongahela, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 271-9885

Here is another wonderful spot. Dozens and dozens of Pittsburgh Limousine Bus groups have chosen this one as a prime destination for their groups, and we think you'd do well to consider it too. Known for their sandwiches and their amazing bar vibe, this one's as good as it gets!

Roman Bistro

2104 Ardmore Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone number (412) 871-3704

Perhaps this could be considered as one of the greatest Italian wine bars that we've ever had the pleasure of visiting, we really think this is one of the best choices you could make. The food is mind blowing, including all of the sensational pastas, and we are in love with their wine selection!


152 E Bridge St, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-5000

More than just simple a bar that really nails the ideal Mexican dining experience in a way that appears completely effortless, and that's why it's one of our top recommendations for your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trip in Braddock. Amazing chicken options here and we love the steak too. Carne asada, oh my! Mind blowing service here. Highly recommended.

The postal code for Braddock is: 15104