E ast of the electric down town area by eight miles, we urge you to adventure through this city that was once a coal town. You will find many things to take in! With our services, it will be easy to visit some of the high quality eateries described below.

Blue Dust

601 Amit, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-6220

A restaurant that has got you covered if you're seeking the ideal gastropub in the Braddock Hills area. Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers really dig this space, both for the ambiance and for the amazing food, including but not limited to the brisket sandwiches, the pork tacos, and of course those yummy nachos with homemade salsa.

Root 1 Seventy 4

1113 South Brad Dock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 243-4348

When it comes to trendy American restaurant and bar style, they are consistently delivering. The unique feature here is that they have an impressive collection of vintage cookbooks for you to flip through while you dine and drink. That's always fun! You might even want to snap a few favorite recipes with your smartphone camera to cook up later!


216 East Eighth, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-4615

Another American cafe/restaurant type of place that has really been ideally suited to our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus partygoers in Braddock Hills. They keep it simple here, with very understated decor, an open kitchen, and a very cool beer cooler. It's spacious for your groups and the prices are in the low to moderate range.

Dorothy Six

224 8th, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 464-9023

One of our top choices for lounges in the Braddock Hills vicinity, really nice and spacious with cozy seating and lovely lighting. They have a wide array of American bar style favorites for you to choose from on the menu. Even a beautiful porch to eat outside and catch some rays when the weather cooperates!


2104 Ardmore Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone number (412) 871-3704

We choose this charming Italian bistro/bar that you'll do well to visit during your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus outing in Braddock Hills. It is beautiful and classy, with a very nice bar area and very knowledgeable bartenders, and we love the fact that they even accept online reservations. They really treat you like royalty here.


414 Hawkins Ave, Braddock, PA 15104
Phone number (412) 271-9911

Here's one of those throwback, old school, retro kinds of bars, where you need to give your pupils time to accommodate to the dimness once you enter from the daylight outside. They don't bother with crazy decor or silly gimmicks to get your attention here. They just serve up consistently good food and drinks and keep the service fast and friendly!

Triangle Bar & Grill

2122 Monongahela Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 271-9885

Triangle Bar & Grill is a great old school favorite out here in Braddock Hills, known for their amazing sandwiches and their fun bar vibe. This is the kind of space where you can hang out with your good friends, celebrating something special or just enjoying a night away from all the usual work week stresses. Cheap, and great service too!


134 South High Land, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone number (412) 362-6001

Another one of Pittsburgh Limousine Bus recommendations in Braddock Hills, and it is without a doubt one of the very best. The bread basket all on its own is a work of art (no exaggeration there!), and we're beyond in love with their white asparagus soup with lamb bacon. The gorgonzola blue cheese souffle? Superb!

Braddock Hills Zip code: 15221