L ocated near the North side of town, this large residential area is one that has a lot going for it. It is quite a diverse place, and that's precisely why we believe you will find your stay here pleasant. We love to recommend our fave places in hopes you'll love them as much as we do.

Max's Allegheny Tavern

537 Suismon, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 231-1899

One of the greatest Brightwood area destinations for your group is Max's Allegheny Tavern. This German pub is just outstanding, with some of the best sauerbraten that we have ever tasted. The food is upscale bar fare and the selection of drinks is just superb, from the beer to the wine to the liquor!

James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy

422 Foreland St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 904-3335

James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy will never let you down when you've got a big group coming through Brightwood with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus! This establishment has taken such good care of our partygoers, treating them to an amazing time that includes mouth watering food, delicious beer, and even outstanding jazz and blues.


900 Western Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Phone number (412) 224-2163

Ben's is another burger joint and gastropub that we just think is perfectly ideal for your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trips in Brightwood. Their bloody mary bar is just too perfect for a Sunday afternoon brunch. Any day of the week, you will love stopping in for a mouth watering burger, fries, and a beer!

Hyde Park Steakhouse

247 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 222-4014

Hyde Park Steakhouse is the priciest option on our list and it is also the best. If you've got a big milestone coming up, celebrate it here with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. This Brightwood gem serves up some of the best lobster bisque that we have ever tasted, and we are absolutely in love with the lump crab cocktail! Wow.

BZ's Bar & Grill

140 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 323-2924

BZ's Bar & Grill is a classic American joint where you can get some yummy sliders and thin, crispy fries. But it's not just that! They also offer turducken burgers that are mind blowing, and Thai coconut tea that will wash everything down just perfectly. The selection of beer is just superb. Great place to watch the big game!

Jerome Bettis Grille 36

393 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 224-6287

Jerome Bettis Grille 36 is a superb sports bar and restaurant to enjoy during your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trip in Brightwood. They have a steak and egg salad, bacon burgers and fries that are consistently cooked to perfection! Everything on the menu is just divine.


203 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 321-7646

Soho is an awesome restaurant and bar (or perhaps bar and restaurant is more accurate?) that is a great fit. They have a huge menu of affordable and delicious choices for you to choose from. The grilled chicken sandwich with swiss and red peppers is just to die for!


337 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 322-5000

Rivertowne is probably our favorite pub in the Brightwood area, just perfect for all our party bus travelers who want to enjoy a yummy cheeseburger and a beer. The cole slaw is fresh, and how about that impressive beer selection? Great location on North Shore Drive. Definitely a top recommendation!

Legends North Shore

500 E N Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 321-8000

Legends North Shore is an Italian restaurant that the Pittsburgh Limousine Bus crew just couldn't bear to leave off this list of Brightwood recommendations. The spinach ravioli is worth even a long drive, and that's not the only pasta that we'd recommend on their long list of favorites! Everything that they serve here is just delectable.


777 Casino, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 231-7777

If you're headed out with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus in the Brightwood area and you'd like a buffet style meal for all your guests. The barbecue items are probably the top recommendation here, but trust us when we say that everything on that smorgasbord is presentable!