T raveling with us ensures that you're getting the best of all worlds. Not only are you going to receive world class transport to your special event or celebration, but you also get first hand knowledge of all of the best places to go to.

Moonlite Cafe

530 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 531-2811

When you have an upcoming trip in Brookline, PA you will definitely want to consider Moonlite Cafe as a superb Italian dining destination! This has the vibe of a mom and pop Italian restaurant, with all the quality and top notch service that you would expect. Some of the most amazing pasta dishes in town!

Las Palmas Carniceria

700 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 344-1131

Another favorite of Pittsburgh Limousine Bus in the Brookline, PA area is Las Palmas Carniceria, an affordable and smart Mexican restaurant where you can go with your limo bus group. This is street taco style fare and they have a wonderfully fresh condiment bar for your enjoyment! Super fresh, super hot, super good!

Brookline Pub

734 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 531-0899

Brookline Pub is an essential for your outings in this area. So much space for your larger limo bus groups! They have a really large selection of beer for you to choose from, mostly in bottles with a few on tap, and there's a lot to keep you busy as well, including pool tables, dart boards, and even a stage for that superb live music!

Cannon Coffee

802 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 563-0202

Cannon Coffee will never serve you wrong when you're out and about in Brookline with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. The coffee is just truly out of this world, some of the highest quality that you will find anywhere around here. The lunches that they serve here are just out of this world, with our favorite being the grilled veggie panini!


2056 Broad Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 344-4700

Casa Rasta is the kind of establishment that blends together the worlds of Caribbean and Mexican fare, and that is a delightful combo that all Pittsburgh Limousine Bus travelers in the Brookline area enjoy! A cozy bar here is a major perk. It's not the biggest place, so for huge groups, take-out may be wise.


437 McNeilly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 563-3466

Amel's is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant that has never done a bad job with our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers. It's beautifully decorated in bright colors and you'll feel oh-so-comfortable digging into your classic Middle Eastern favorites while you soak up that great atmosphere. Some of the best hummus we've ever tasted!

The Getaway Cafe

3049 Sussex Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 343-1333

The Getaway Cafe is an all American bar and restaurant that's an ideal neighborhood haunt for our Brookline area Pittsburgh Limousine Bus travelers! There's always a happy crowd living it up in the bar area, and in the dining area, you'll find many people enjoying a delicious lunch or dinner. Shoot some darts or enjoy the live music!


2500 West Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 344-8700

The Smokehouse Bar & Grill is a barbecue restaurant that has made a big impression on us. Our professional chauffeurs have taken a whole lot of Pittsburgh Limousine Bus's Brookline area customers to this spot for some amazing ribs or chicken. The service is just out of this world and you'll really feel like you're being treated like royalty!

Cain Saloon

3239 W Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-7444

This is never a bad choice for our Brookline area friends. Pittsburgh Limousine Bus groups love the restaurant area and the separate bar area, so that you can choose the type of surroundings based on the specific needs of your party. If you love crab legs or a nice juicy burger, this is the spot that will never let you down!


804 E Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Phone number (412) 488-1440

This is our final recommendation for the Brookline area, and this is a superb Italian restaurant that is pricey and wonderful. You'll part with some serious dough to enjoy this one, but you'll also have one of the best dining experiences possible. Mind blowing pastas. Highly recommended.