Let's face it, there are trends you love and trends you love to hate. We want to talk to you about a fast growing trend that you absolutely must include in your wedding plans. We realize that you will be having some entertainment at your wedding reception. The normal option for music options are either one of three things, a live wedding DJ, a real band, or to save money you can just create your own playlist, a trustworthy friend or family member to control it and hook the laptop or music player into the venues set up (check with venue to see if you need to provide speakers) for some dancing. This is normal procedure and something that will certainly satisfy a certain number of your wedding guests. But we feel it is a very good idea to provide another entertainment interest to your guests. Remember, not everyone is a dancer or even likes dancing. And not everyone likes the same type of music. So, why not consider something very trendy and have a beautiful candy buffet setup right in the middle of your reception area. Think about it, not only will this be a delicious party option for all of your guests, but it will also provide a beautiful centerpiece that will not be soon forgotten. This all sounds amazing we know, but there is one problem that is facing you. Finding a quality candy buffet provider can take some work, bowls, jars, ect. of candy doesn't sound crazy hard we know but finding good help of any kind is hard. There are a lot of vendors out there that call themselves professional but that does not necessarily mean that the product that they produce is professional. So, with that being said, you need to make sure that you conduct a thorough search and this guide for the proper candy buffet will help you to do just that.

Where do you even start looking for quality candy buffet providers? We realize that this is not a search that you conduct everyday and quite likely it is a search that you have never had to do before. An easy way to begin is to ask around your circle of loved ones and even coworkers for any experiences they may have had with candy buffet providers. Maybe someone you know has had a candy buffet created or been to an event where there was an amazing buffet that they partook in. Another option is to talk to another vendor you may have already built a relationship with so you feel safe trusting their opinion, they work in the same general field so they will be able to give you a name or two for you to reach out to. And, of course, don't forget about tapping into the interwebs and do some good ole' fashioned research like you would for anuything these days. Start looking at some of the portfolio pictures of the buffets that the various candidates have created. If a vendor really knocks your socks off, add them to the list of potential vendors that you are accumulating. Once you have a nice list, it will be time to contact each vendor to meet up and discuss what they can possibly do for your wedding reception.

Once of the biggest challenges in designing and building a candy buffet is how much candy needs to be purchased. You need someone who has expertise in determining the amount you will need for the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding. You need to make sure that each of your guests will be able to take an ample amount home. Talk about where at your venue they would recommend the buffet be setup. What about color scheme? Should it match your wedding colors? What types of candy works best? How much say can you have in this? What will they provide so that your guests can transport the candy to a container to take home? How much is this going to cost you? When you are satisfied with the answers you receive from a specific vendor, it will be time to ask for a contract. We wish you well with your candy buffet.