F inding yourself in the metropolitan area opens up may avenues for enjoyment. Take it from us, we've been witness to any type of event or party you could possibly dream of. So, give us a call and then we'll show you the best spots to eat at!

Il Pizaiolo

703 Washington, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone number (412) 344-4123

This Italian pizza restaurant is a prime destination in the Castle Shannon area. It's always packed with happy customers noshing on yummy pizza, pasta, and salads, sipping delectable drinks. It's modern yet classic. Really a pleasant place to spend an evening in this area!

Bistro Nineteen

711 Washington, Mount Lebanon, PA 15228
Phone number (412) 306-1919

Another one that has served our Castle Shannon area customers so well. This is another one that's always packed to the brim with happy customers, but with enough advance notice they'll be able to make some room for your larger limo groups. The food is just exceptional here.

Silk-Road Gourmet

5301 Grove, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 881-7788

This is just an amazing one for your visits in Castle Shannon with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. This is a beautiful restaurant, not one of those old Chinese restaurants that hasn't been updated in one hundred years. This is a steakhouse and sushi bar in one, and you'll be more than pleased with every menu item.


804 East Warrington, Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Phone number (412) 488-1440

Alla Famiglia is the priciest Italian restaurant on our list (perhaps the priciest of all, not just of Italian restaurants), but it is so worth the price for that mind blowing quality. If you've got an exciting birthday celebration coming up, this is the ideal place. The meatball and fried cheese appetizers are our favorite things to dive into here!

Jade Grill

670 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone number (412) 531-6666

Here is another choice that will never let you down. So conveniently located when in Castle Shannon, and lots of room for even your biggest Pittsburgh Limousine Bus groups. The service at the bar is just wonderful and they've really got a whole lot of unforgettable cocktails for you to indulge in!

Cains Bar

3239 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-7444

An American bar that on personal level gets to know every body who patronizes the establishment, and they have taken the initiative time and time again to ensure that their service is on point. We love this Castle Shannon establishment for the delectable seafood, the amazing hamburgers, and of course that mind blowing service that you can always rely on.

Someone Else's Bar

3841 Willow Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15234
Phone number (412) 343-4332

Someone Else's Bar is a wonderful little bar that's just big enough to accommodate your limo groups. Give them a little advance notice and then plan to stop in for some mouth watering hamburgers and yummy spicy wings. We're also really big fans of the quesadillas here. We know you're going to find a dish worth trying.


437 Mc-Neilly, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone number (412) 563-3466

A Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant that will serve your needs very well when you're out and about in Castle Shannon with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. We love the bright colors that they have decorated with here, the purples, oranges, and greens that go so well with the vibrant dishes that are served! Superb service.


2056 Broadway, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 344-4700

Casa Rasta blends the worlds of Caribbean and Mexican cuisines, all under one roof right here in Castle Shannon. If you're planning to head to this spot, stop and enjoy the new larger location and the impeccable service at the bar. The food is knock-your-socks-off good and the drinks are just electric!

Sandwich Shop

1539 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone number (412) 942-9100

The place to go for some amazing sandwiches! They really have a huge array of them, and they are known for these thick and juicy concoctions that fill you up better than any other option around here for lunch. Groups are sure to really feel at home at this Castle Shannon favorite. Highly recommended!

Zip codes for Castle Shannon include: 15234