T he metropolitan area is lucky to have an option like this hanging around for exploration. This was as setting for famous movies and also has some recreational rail trails for you to enjoy as well. If you're thirsty after all of that adventuring, be sure to give these options a whirl.


1206 Rte 51, Clairton, PA 15025
Phone number (412) 384-7868

Just such a charming little Italian restaurant that has been going strong out here in the Clairton area for decades. The Italian food is of the highest caliber and you'll just fall in love with every single dish. Good strong drinks to go along with it, and some of the greatest service and ambiance that you could ever experience.

Elliott's Back Street Barbeque

3006 N Lewis Run Rd, Clairton, PA 15025
Phone number (412) 384-2726

Elliott's Back Street Barbeque is a classic and low key spot to celebrate a night out on the town with you and your friends for all occasions in the Clairton area. We're just as obsessed with the sides as we are with the barbecued meat specialties. The beer selection is good and it's nice and cheap too! Super service, always a great time here!


2238 Pennsylvania 51, Clairton, PA 15025
Phone number (412) 384-8325

Another great Italian option out here in the Clairton area is Francesco's. This restaurant delivers an incredibly fresh dining experience for our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus travelers, and we're just so pleased with everything that they have to offer here. The plating is just beautiful, even for something as simple as a sandwich! Ooh la la!


1180 Woodland, Clairton, PA 15025
Phone number (412) 233-2626

Here is a great bar and restaurant that is so affordable and so comfortable that you'll want to stay for a good long while. Their 75 cent pizza night is probably the smartest time to pile in with your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group, especially if you're on a budget! The bar area is just great, perfect for watching sports!

Wintzell's Oysters

530 East Bruceton Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 650-9090

Are you loving Wintzell's Oyster House as much as we are? Our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers in the Clairton area can't stop raving about it! The bar area is just amazing and we can't get enough of the well rounded music selection here. Nothing like enjoying a mouth watering meal and an ice cold beer in this cozy atmosphere.

The Monkey

703 Clairton Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 655-0323

This is the perfect spot for those of you who want to get a little wild and enjoy some tantalizing food and drink! They have a beautiful patio here with bamboo posts and palm trees, and that's probably the prime attraction here! We just love it. Nothing better than enjoying some hot wings while you're out there on the patio!


830 Clairton Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 653-6779

Primanti Brothers is such a great restaurant and bar, but what they are best known for is their huge sandwiches! These are enormous creations on super thick bread that will truly fill you up and get those endorphins flowing during your lunch hour, or fuel you up for the long road ahead if you're on a Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trip in Clairton!


1520 Rt 837, Elrama, PA 15038
Phone number (412) 384-3630

This has got you covered when it comes to yummy burgers and sandwiches in the perfect bar atmosphere! It's a small and laid back place that's best for our mid-sized groups. The menu is small and simple, sticking to the classics, including fresh and delicious salads. The drinks are good and strong and very affordable!


10 Old Clairton Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 714-8670

Atria's has a great lunch and a nice beer in the Clairton area. Very highly recommended for our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus groups. The bar area is particularly inviting here, just the perfect place to watch the big game on TV with all your friends. Moderately priced and able to seating bigger groups without issue.

B Dubs

9996 Mountain-View Dr, West Mifflin, PA 15122
Phone number (412) 653-3460

We know that this is a chain sports bar that we think is just sensational for those who need entertainment and delicious food. We love every single B. Dub's location, including this one! The spaciousness, the spicy wings, the array of drinks, the trivia nights... we love the juke box and we especially enjoy hanging out at the bar!

Clairton Zip codes: 15025