W ith all there is worth seeing around this wonderfully beautifully state, it's no wonder why luxury limousine transportation options offer a convenient way to see it all with all of your closest friends and family, not only in plush comfortability but at affordable rates especially is if it's an occasion that makes it socially acceptable to split the rate amongst the group evenly, when that's the case it becomes not only a luxurious ride in style but one of the least expensive ways to travel. The annual celebrations and close availability of downtown paradises allows you and your friends to make memories that you will never forget. We'd be happy to take you to one of these places!

Sharp Edge Creek House

288 West Steuben, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone number (412) 922-8118

Our top recommendation for our Corliss area for comfort and quality! We can't say enough good things about this restaurant and bar located in a former house. Their holiday brews are absolutely mind blowing, so if that cold December wind beckons you inside, be sure and try those!

Apple Bee's

6570 Route 60 Steuben Ville, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Phone number (412) 494-9331

They've got that big classic menu plus seasonal favorites and limited-time only offers, like sriracha shrimp or a nice pub Philly cheesesteak! With a menu that is consistently changing in the best possible way, this is a solid option that you can continously count on. Affordable choices are all over the place here!

Monterey Fish-Grotto

1411 Grand View, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone number (412) 481-4414

Simply delectable seafood restaurant that is definitely on the pricey end, but oh-so-worth-it. The bar is right below the restaurant and it has a great view, so you'll certainly want to sit there with your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group and chat it up. Cannot beat the convenience of this Corliss location.


1230 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone number (412) 904-4442

Here is one of our favorite American restaurants in the Corliss area, really a standout choice. The Chilean sea bass is just unbelievable and we're also huge fans of the halibut. The view is just mind blowing here, so if that's what you're really after, we think you'll be more than impressed.

Ben's West Ave

900 West Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Phone number (412) 224-2163

One of our favorite burger joints and gastropubs in this area, just ideally designed for our party bus customers. So much space and such a large menu that there's something for everyone in your group. The Bloody Mary bar is a welcome respite on a Sunday afternoon after a long, hard work week!

GrandView Buffet

777 Casino-Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 231-7777

For our budget-conscious party bus travelers in the Corliss area, don't miss out on this value. They load up those buffets with tons of fresh and delicious options, mostly in the American vein, including a lot of yummy BBQ options. If you're wanting to indulge, you can do so, and if you want to be healthier, there's that option too!

Mug Shots Cafe

25 Walsh Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone number (412) 921-7474

Serving up some of the best chicken wings in town, and that's the prime reason that we'd recommend them to our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus groups in Corliss. The rest of the food is your typical bar fare, but with an extra edge of quality. The bartenders are just superb here, super friendly and welcoming. Chat it up and stay awhile!

Andrew's Steak & Seafood

777 Casino Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 231-7777

Now this is the kind of place which will not every disappoint when it comes to an authentic, and filling steakhouse meal. The view of the skyline is just as enticing as the promise of all those delicious menu items. We love the modern ambiance and the gorgeous bar area. Located in a casino, so you can get a little gambling done too!

The Dead Horse Cantina & Music Hall

704 Thompson, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Phone number (412) 973-3295

The Dead Horse Cantina & Music Hall is really a beloved gem out here in the Corliss neighboring area for our transportation service passengers. They feature a lot of really amazing local bands here that are well worth checking out. The majority are metal bands, and they really know how to entertain. The bar fare is just wonderful, and wonderfully priced!

Wheelhouse Bar & Grill

777 Casino Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone number (412) 231-7777

Wheelhouse Bar & Grill is possibly our top recommendation for a sports bar in the Corliss area. The loaded nacho appetizer is a must-have and we adore the fried fish sandwiches with French fries. So good for anybody looking for a new spot to check out. This is a gathering spot for everybody to enjoy!

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