So, you think you can dance? A lot of people think this and then they realize when they get out on the dance floor that they look like a complete imbecile. And just think, if that turns out to be both you and your fiancée, you are both going to look very silly as you try to move across the dance floor for your first dance. Don't let this happen to you. There is something that you can do about this state of affairs. Have you ever considered taking dance lessons? We guarantee that if you find the right professional, you and your fiancée can at least get yourselves to the place where you are both passable for your first dance. But as with anything in life, not all services are created alike. So, you need to make sure that you find the dance instructor that matches your personality perfectly. The Pittsburgh area has some amazing dance instructors. You're task is to find the best in your price range and then narrow your search down further to that one vendor who will provide you with the skills that you so desperately want. This guide was put together to help you do just that, so while you are looking for your instructor, keep this guide with you at all times.

We have a few suggestions for you as to where you can find some quality dance instructors. Your best source is going to be the world wide web. You can best tap into this source by doing a Google search for “dance instructors in the Pittsburgh area.” Start perusing all of the websites that are returned to you. Do you like what you read about a particular candidate or the programs that they offer. If so, jot their name down and you can reference it later when you setup an interview. Another avenue you should pursue are your wedding vendors who you already have a relationship with. Ask them if they know of any dance instructors that they could recommend to you. If so, add them to the list you are building. And don't neglect the people you know the best. Start talking to your family, friends and coworkers to see if any of them have ever had dancing lessons to give you a good referrer. Once your top choices for an instructor are marked down next step is to call them up to get a feel for them and if you like their vibe to set up a time that you could come to their studio and talk about the possibilities.

The first thing that you want to talk about is your present level of skill. They may ask you to go through a sample lesson where they are able to access your abilities. They should be able to ascertain how long it will take you to at least be passable at your wedding. Once this has been done, find out how many lessons per week they would recommend. Do they recommend private or group lessons based on your present abilities? Will you learn a choreographed dance to the song of your choosing? Will they help you pick our a song if you don't have one? What should you wear to your lessons? How much will the lessons cost you? Do they offer package deals? What is the instructor's personality like? After all of your interviews, one instructor should stand out as the one you like the best.


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