Cain's Saloon

3239 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-7444

You definitely can't go wrong with a trip to Cain's Saloon if you're out and about with our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus team in the Dormont area. They've got a fabulous bar area toward the front of the establishment and an oh-so-cozy dining area further toward the back. If you love crab legs, they've got the hookup for you. Sensational seafood!

My Thai

3024 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 207-7507

My Thai is always a great option if you're cruising the streets of Dormont with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus and looking for the most mouth watering Thai food. The major perk of this one is that they have a sensational bar right on the premises, which is all too hard to find at any local Asian restaurants. Amazing pad thai and other classic dishes!

Jamison's on West Liberty

3113 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-3088

Jamison's on West Liberty is always a smart option for the discerning Pittsburgh Limousine Bus traveler in Dormont. We're talking about the perfect pub atmosphere and the most delicious hamburgers in town! The food that they offer up here at this establishment is on a whole 'nother level in comparison to other local bars. Very highly recommended!


3229 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 388-1800

Katana will hook you up when it comes to delicious sushi, Chinese food, and Japanese fare! The place is just fabulous in terms of decor, ambiance, and quality of food and service. This seems to be a bit of a hidden gem, so bombard them with your patronage and help this place to blow up! It deserves every bit of success in the world.

The Dor-Stop Restaurant

1430 Potomac Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-9320

The Dor-Stop Restaurant is a really memorable and charming local diner that is just as well remembered for their amazing classic meals as they are for their delicious desserts. If you've got a sweet tooth, you will be able to satisfy it on both counts! The bottomless drip coffee is just sensational and we can't get enough of their classic pancakes!


3001 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 668-0499

Mexi-Casa will cater to all your Mexican food cravings when you're in Dormont with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus, and we'd be more than happy to take you there! They have a really vast menu with a ton of different hot sauces for you to choose from as well, so if you like it spicy, this is your spot! The fresh guacamole is just about as good as it gets!

Dairy Queen

1691 McFarland Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-5776

Dairy Queen might seem too obvious to even recommend, but you'd be surprised at just how many Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers stop here when they are in the Dormont area! There's nothing like loading up with a ton of Blizzards in all different flavors, bringing them back into the air-conditioned bus, and cruising around in the cool!

Eat'n Park Restaurant

Dormont 2874 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 561-4944

Everybody in and around this part of the country knows and loves Eat'n Park Restaurants! This location can't be beat when you're in and around Dormont with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus, and you should consider it if you're in the mood for a family friendly spot with classic dishes and yummy comfort food. Great service that's fast too!

Il Pizzaiolo

703 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Phone number (412) 344-4123

Pizza lovers and Italian food aficionados always have a great time when they visit Il Pizzaiolo out here in the Dormont area. It's a quick and smart stop when you're on the road with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus and everything is just so good! The ambiance is modern yet classic, trendy yet laid back, and we just love hanging out at the bar.

R Bar

2883 W Liberty Ave, Dormont, PA 15216
Phone number (412) 942-0882

R Bar will definitely become the place that you refer to as "our bar" if you live and work in the Dormont area! And if you're just out here traveling with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus, then it's worth checking out! They've got really great music here and an incredible selection of craft beers, so if you're a microbrew lover, then head out there and take a look!

Zip code for Dormont: 15216