S maller communities like this one still certainly deserve a visit! Planning out an itinerary can sure take up a lot of time, but we're hoping that our efforts help in that regard. Take one of our vehicles out to these spots and enjoy a filling meal or a well crafted cocktail. A well balanced experienced awaits you here.

The Dust-Blue

601 Amity-Street, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-6220

Our favorite local gastropub, just perfect for your trips in the Dravosburg area. Knowledgeable waitresses will have you swooning and you will not be able to get enough of their amazing pork tacos and crispy nachos! Low pricing is practically the icing on the cake! Locals just love this place for a happy hour celebration or date night!

Tin Front Cafe

216 E 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-4615

Tin Front Cafe is always a great choice if you're in the mood for some delicious comfort food in Dravosburg. You can stop in with your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group and enjoy the open kitchen, the beer cooler, and the overabundance of indulgent items that are just teeming on their generously sized menu! We're hooked!

Dorothy's Cafe

224 East Eighth, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 464-9023

While this is really more lounge than cafe, what a classic out here in the Dravosburg area. It's very unique and charming, nicely lit, very cozy and clean. There are some delightful surprises on the menu, going beyond those juicy hamburgers to things like deliciously dippable Polish pierogies! Good stuff! Nice prices if you are concerned about the bank account.

Lounge Tillie

308 Thirty Sixth McKeesport, PA 15132
Phone number (412) 672-7557

For an overwhelming restaurant experience, pizzeria, and bar that really serves up some tantalizing home-cooked food, come on out to this local hot spot. The lasagna is a top recommendation here and we are also in love with the fettuccine alfredo. The creamy sauce is hard to replicate by yourself at home. If you're a lover of Italian wedding soup like we are, you'll want to dive right into a bowl of theirs! The quality is almost too delicious to describe.

Dees Hotdogs

1118 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 241-4666

This is a total classic out here with our limo bus groups. If you're looking for a smart and affordable place to kick back and watch the game with your good buddies, this is your spot. The pub vibe is as perfect as it gets, they've got the most delicious hot dogs in town, and the prices just cannot be beat! A top recommendation!


414 Hawkins Ave, Braddock, PA 15104
Phone number (412) 271-9911

An old school bar, dimly lit with wood accents, all the original furniture and decor, all of which lends it that authentic throwback vibe that is often too hard to find nowadays. The drink prices are incredibly low and the food is simple but good. You'll be treated to some good old fashioned service here, to boot! Just perfect.

Gran Agave

152 East Bridge , Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-5000

Gran Agave is a smart choice if you're on the hunt for some delicious Mexican food in the Dravosburg area. Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers really dig the chicken and beef dishes here, and we'd say you can never go wrong with a big juicy burrito or perhaps a good crispy taco. The prices are in the low to moderate range.

Wintzell's Oyster House

530 E Bruceton Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 650-9090

Wintzell's Oyster House is the place to go if you are a seafood lover! Our party bus groups just adore this place, not just for the delicious seafood and fish, but also because of the sensational bar area where you can enjoy a good stiff drink without breaking the bank. They tend to play old school tunes here, which is awesome! Good stuff.

Sing Sing

171 East Bridge St, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-7426

Sing Sing is a top weekend recommendation around Dravosburg. There is a cover charge here, but it's not too high and it's always worth it to see the local bands do their thing. The vibe here is lively and electric, very energetic and fun. You'll always have a great time with your friends! Where else can you enjoy a karaoke night?


2122 Monongahela, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 271-9885

The kind of laid back and comfortable bar where you can enjoy some of the best comfort food in Dravosburg. It's been here forever and the reason for that is the longstanding quality. That applies to the food, drinks, and service. Sandwich lovers will love digging into these piled-high masterpieces. A top Pittsburgh Limousine Bus recommendation!

Zip codes for Dravosburg include: 15034