T his particular area is partially a suburb, and that means you'll get to experience a rich sense of community if you ever decide to travel here. This area is known for the Country Club that has held multiple US Open golf tournaments. Some other notable spots include the Riverside Park, Oaks Theatre, and the Kerr Memorial Museum.

Carnivores Restaurant & Sports Bar

215 Allegheny Ave, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 820-7427

A true top favorite for travelers in the East Oakmont area of PA, this place is best known for their tasty food, their kind and attentive service, and of course those super reasonable prices when all is said and done and the bill arrives to the table. The sports bar atmosphere is perfect and the beer selection is top notch. Smoking is allowed!


533 Allegheny Avenue, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 828-8555

This is an Italian restaurant and seafood lover's destination out here in the East Oakmont area. Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers can't get enough of it and neither can those of us on the crew! The neighborhood restaurant vibe is wonderful and it's a beautiful place to celebrate something special with your good friends.

Somma Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar

380 Route 909, Verona, PA 15147
Phone number (412) 826-1500

Somma Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar is yet another of our favorite sports bars out here in the East Oakmont area. Party bus groups can't seem to get enough of the uber-fun bar area, and they are always raving about that oh-so-delicious pizza and the homemade ranch dressing that is just perfect for dipping those slices into! Mm-mmm good!

Oakmont Tavern

814 Allegheny River Blvd, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 828-4155

Oakmont Tavern delivers a bit more of an old school bar vibe, plus a neighborhood tavern type of fare that just can't be beat when you want to fill up and fuel up for the long road ahead with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. This one's smoke-free, like our vehicles, which is a plus for some of our groups. Great food, great service, great times!

Mighty Oak Barrel

939 3rd St, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 826-1069

Personally, we cannot get enough of this restaurant and we have heard great things from our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus partygoers too. This is the priciest one on our list of recommendations and it is so worth it. A huge array of entrees to choose from and an absolutely gorgeous ambiance make this one a true top recommendation.


500 Jones St, Verona, PA 15147
Phone number (412) 828-3707

Here is another great one if you're wanting some mouth watering pizza in a very cool bar atmosphere. It's clear that East Oakmont offers up a whole lot of great bars, and this is definitely one of them. This one's more in the dive bar category, so if you can appreciate that, then you're good to go. The juke box is well stocked and so is the bar!

China House

333 Allegheny Ave, Oakmont, PA 15139
Phone number (412) 828-1068

China House is a local East Oakmont Chinese restaurant that has always served us very well when we're in the area, and we think you'd do very well to visit when you're feeling hungry after a tour of the local historic sites. Amazing menu of Asian favorites as well as modern twists, and it's BYOB which is a major perk for party bus groups!


Six Anchor Drive, Harmarville, PA 15238
Phone number (412) 826-9680

Primanti Bros is such an awesome sandwich spot out here, we just could not bear to leave it off of our list of party bus group recommendations! The kielbasa sandwich is our very top recommendation here, but you truly cannot make a wrong choice. They've got great little flatbread pizzas here that will fill you up too! Good stuff!

House of 1000 Beers

357 Freeport St, Kensington, PA 15068
Phone number (724) 393-0941

House of 1000 Beers is the perfect selection for your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus trip if you are a beer lover in East Oakmont. There's just no other place anywhere around here that offers as many beers as this one. It's an adventure in beer drinking, that's for certain! Very rare selection, and more than 40 of them are on draft! Nice!


846 Fifth Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068
Phone number (724) 339-9753

For quick food in the area, and while we'd say it's a close call with one of our previous mentions, it is indeed incredible! The prices are low-low-low, good enough that even our most budget-limited groups can fill up on the cheap right here. It's worth even a long drive, all the better when with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus!

Zip codes for East Oakmont include: 15139