T his specific area can be found eleven miles southeast of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. You will often see this area photographed with the George Westinghouse Memorial Bridge. Below we have listed what our customers and employees tend to agree and some of the best bars, gastropubs, fine dining and good restaurants to eat at after doing some exploring throughout the area with clients in the area.

Kar Hing

211 North Ave, East Pittsburgh, PA 15112
Phone number (412) 824-3487

Kar Hing has taken really good care of all of our clients that have decided to check it out after a night of partying in the area. You'd do well to consider it for your upcoming trip with us! The Chinese food that is served here is all prepared fresh to order, and the flavor is just incredible. The huge portions are a perk and we will continue ordering the wonton soup until they stop making it!

D's Dogs

1118 South Braddock, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 241-4666

Everybody in East Pittsburgh already knows how great this local spot is, a real classic and an absolute favorite for our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers for sure! The bar area is the best, just perfectly set up to settle in and enjoy watching your favorite sporting events while you sip on an ice cold beer. Lots of great seating here for even your largest party bus groups.

Green Forrest

655 Rodi, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Phone number (412) 371-5560

Looking for a place that will really impress you if a fantastic Brazilian steakhouse experience is what you are after. They speak Portuguese here, which may be a plus for you, and there's even a beautiful bar where you can sit and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or two. A wonderful place to consider eating at when you're looking for quality and affordability!

Roman's Bistro

2104 Ardmore , Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone number (412) 871-3704

While they may not be serving their food on columns like the true authentic type, you will still love the food here. Superb service from top to bottom, awesome ambiance, and a mind blowing selection of reds and whites that will tantalize your tastebuds from start to finish. Moderate pricing too!

Emil Bar

414 Hawkins , Braddock, PA 15104
Phone number (412) 271-9911

If an old school bar experience is more what you had in mind for your party bus trip with us, Emil's Lounge is always a good one. We've recommended this one a time or two for that old school, dim atmosphere, as well as for the old fashioned service that's very difficult to find elsewhere nowadays. Love that dark wood bar!

Root 174

1113 Braddock , Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone number (412) 243-4348

Likely your go to bet for the most impressive dining experience in the entire area, still quite nicely priced though it's definitely more expensive than the other offerings on our list, but when you need to impress the crowd a cheap chain just isn't gonna cut it no matter how fancy they try to depict themselves as. The house cocktails are just superb, with Manhattans that will please your taste buds to no end. The menu is filled with gourmet goodness. Very highly recommended.

Tin Cafe

216 E 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120
Phone number (412) 461-4615

Here's an American restaurant and cafe that has delivered a very high quality experience for year after year, and this one's a bit lower priced too, so be sure to keep it in the back of your mind when you are straining the bank account with a night out on the town. It's a nice, cool, laid back, low key type of ambiance here, with a one heck of a great beer cooler and even an open kitchen to grab some quality grub. Superb large sized portions here!

East Pittsburgh Zip codes: 15112