T his town can be found on the east bank of the Monongahela River, south of the big city and in the cross hairs of Route 51. The pleasant air and lazy environment makes this a place to relax at! Here are all of our favorites places to check into when we want a meal that is consistently on par or a creative drink after a ride in one of our vehicles.

Carriage Inn

1601 Lovedale Rd, Elizabeth, PA 15037
Phone number (412) 754-1221

Do you have an upcoming event? Then why not check out Carriage Inn, a beautiful and traditional American restaurant that even provides excellent catering service? The bar area is particularly nice, with cozy booths where you can sit and enjoy a soul-warming meal. The fact that they have an in house caterer means that this is a place to consider for your wedding.

Tillie's Restaurant

308 Thirty Sixth St, McKeesport, PA 15132
Phone number (412) 672-7557

This restaurant, pizzeria, and bar know how to make you want to return very well! The fettuccine Alfredo is a top recommendation of ours, and the minestrone or their wedding soup makes the perfect complement to the heavier cheese and pasta dishes that are often found on the varied menu here! The lasagna is comfort food straight from heaven.

Elrama Tavern

1520 Rt 837, Elrama, PA 15038
Phone number (412) 384-3630

Elrama Tavern is a bar that is known for its burgers and sandwiches, and the prices here are so low that you just won't believe it! It's a simple menu but all so well-chosen, and even the salads are just so mouth wateringly good here. The ambiance is beautiful and we particularly enjoy the outdoor seating on their beautiful porch.


530 East Bruceton, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 650-9090

Everybody in the Elizabeth area knows that Wintzell's Oyster House is a seafood lover's dream. Our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers certainly know this too, and that's why they request it as a destination all the time. The bar area is just awesome and the music is always fun if you like it retro! The oysters are the go-to here, every time.

Ciccanti Ristorante

1206 Route 51, Clairton PA 15025
Phone number (412) 384-7868

Ciccanti Ristorante will deliver the most supreme Italian dining experience in the Elizabeth area, no doubt about it. Our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers are always raving about this one. They have a huge array of appetizers and entrees for you to choose from, and every entree includes soup and salad, no need to choose one or the other! Nice.

Atria Restaurant

10 Clairton Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 714-8670

While this may be a chain restaurant, it's one that we really do not mind a bit. The service is superb and the food is just delicious. Both the restaurant and bar areas are charming and inviting, and the fish dishes here are probably our top recommendation if you're a seafood lover like us. Great salads and soups as well. Wonderful place.


703 Clairton Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 655-0323

Here is always a fun one when you're with a lively Pittsburgh Limousine Bus group in Elizabeth! The patio is just perfect here, decorated with palm trees and bamboo accents, really giving it a nice tropical vibe for those of you who are missing the sandy shores of vacations gone by. Yummy-nummy wings and great thirst quenching drinks!


6408 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 655-4711

Another excellent option for our seafood lovers in Elizabeth is Dorido's Restaurant. The name suggests Mexican food, but it's not! The fish sandwich is definitely the top recommendation here, but we're in love with the crab cake sandwiches and the broiled fish is delish too. If you love fried oysters, these are the bomb dot com!

Primanti Bros

830 Clairton Boulvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone number (412) 653-6779

Pittsburgh Limousine Bus has recommended Primanti Brothers a time or two for their amazing piled-high sandwich on that super thick-cut bread, but you know what? Their bar area is an equally good reason to recommend them! Attentive service, super good seating for groups, and moderate pricing so everyone can afford a meal here. Love it!


9996 Mountain View Dr, West Mifflin, PA 15122
Phone number (412) 653-3460

This chain is always a top chain recommendation no matter what area we're talking about! There seems to be one in every metro area, so it's super convenient. This one in Elizabeth is just great. The wings are the best, but they've got so much more than just that. We adore the sampler platters because they offer a ton of affordability with the amount of food given!