T his small, hilly area has some of the best community parks to enjoy. It is also the site of the West End Overlook, a popular tourist spot for those who visit this area. There are impressive views of the city here, but what is even more impressive happens to be the directory of bars and restaurants that we've listed below.

The Hop House

2749 Noblestown Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone number (412) 922-9560

If beer is your true beloved, then you will definitely want to check out The Hop House when you're out and about with us in the Elliott area! We're so obsessed with the wonderful climate for conversation and the mind blowing selection of beer that they offer here. A beautiful bar at which to sit, and superb service! It's easy to walk here, too!


424 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone number (412) 458-0417

This restaurant and bar is another one that has taken such good care of our Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers in the Elliott vicinity. This one has an interesting ambiance, with a garage door to the street, which brings that outdoor weather indoors a bit. We like it. The pizza with stuffed banana peppers is the highlight here!

Tramp's Restaurant

412 Greentree Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone number (412) 921-7194

Tramp's Restaurant happens to be one of the most affordable places to dine and drink when in the Elliott vicinity with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus, and it's also one of the best. The wings seem to be what they are best known for, but you can't go wrong with anything that they offer here. Simple, cool, and fun. Great selection of drinks in the cooler!

Blinky's Noble Grill & Bar

2350 Noblestown Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone number (412) 919-0548

Blinky's Noble Grill & Bar is another one that's excellently priced out here in Elliott, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better destination for your Pittsburgh Limousine Bus travels in this area. The wings are also the top recommendation here, very juicy and flavorful! Wonderful sandwiches and fries as well! Everything is delish.


1230 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone number (412) 904-4442

Altius is a sharp departure from the previous mentions, this one being supremely beautiful and upscale, and quite pricey to match, which you won't mind one bit because you get what you pay for here. The sea bass and halibut are the top recommendations, but the major highlight here is that stunning view. Floor to ceiling windows! Superb.

Monterey Bay Grotto

1411 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone number (412) 481-4414

If you are a seafood lover on the road with our party bus company and you've got a craving for a truly mouth watering meal of fish and seafood, look no further than Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. This one is pricey, as with the previous mention, but well worth it. The appetizers get a great deal of our attention here, and the desserts are perfection!


2350 Noblestown Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone number (412) 919-0361

Wiggy's brings it back to a more affordable level, and a more comfortable level too! Just so cozy and relaxing here. Everybody loves coming in to enjoy those famous wings, but as with several of the previous mentions, the sandwiches and fries are also so mouth wateringly good that you just won't be able to resist! Mm-mmm good!

Bigham Tavern

321 Bigham Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone number (412) 431-9313

Bigham Tavern is one of our personal favorites when it comes to outstanding pubs in the Elliott area. Pittsburgh Limousine Bus customers have remarked that they love the neighborhood bar vibe of this one, and the outdoor patio is a major perk too. Plenty of televisions if you'd like to watch the game while you nosh on those wings!

Meat and Potatoes

649 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone number (412) 325-7007

When in the mood for meat one that will never do you wrong! This steakhouse and gastropub is a pure haven for those who enjoy a hearty meal. The chicken and waffles are one of our favorite things to indulge in here, and we love the bloody mary bar for lunch! Absolutely outstanding service and a dining experience that can't be matched.

Butcher and The Rye

212 Sixth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone number (412) 391-2752

Our favorite gastropub gets our final recommendation for the Elliott section of the area for our wonderful customers, but it's truly one of our top choices! This one's definitely a bit pricier than most of the other mentions on this list, but if it wasn't worth it, we wouldn't have mentioned it to begin with! We love the whiskey bookcase the best!

Zip codes for Elliott include: 15120