Have you taken a step back and thought about how many items and vendors that your wedding needs to make it a success. The answer can be dizzying. In fact, planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. One mistake that you do not want to make is to think that all of your wedding vendors will provide every item that is needed for the various aspects of your big day. For instance, just because you have rented a venue where your wedding reception will take place does not mean that the venue will provide and take care of all of the items that will need to be setup. Items like tables, chairs, tablecloths, vases, extra lighting and so much more. You need to find this out as soon as possible. If any of your vendors will not be providing every item that you need, you will have to find an event rental company who can rent them to you. Now, you may have never had to deal with an event rental company before, but never fear, that is why we are here. There are some definite questions that you should ask of any event rental company that you consider to help you with your wedding needs. This guide will help you seek out some event rentals companies in the Pittsburgh area and will also help you to figure out which one is the right vendor for you and your special day.

So, you can't remember driving by any event rental places in your area. You are wondering where they are in the Pittsburgh area. Well, there are a few different sources that you can check. Start by harnessing the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “event rental companies in the Pittsburgh area.” Start reading through the various websites that you get back and determine which rental companies look like they have high quality inventory. Start keeping a list of vendors that you want to check out further at a later time. Have you ever thought about asking your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever had to rent items from an event rental company? You might know someone who can point you in the right direction. Also, your wedding vendors that you have already hired are another great potential source of rental companies to check into. Once you have a few vendors to check out, it is time to do some site visits.

It is a great idea to actually pay a visit to each rental companies location so you can check out their inventory. Ask to be given a tour. This way you can check out the quality of their inventory items. Quite often, the quality depends on whether the company owns or rents their inventory. As you are touring though you want to make sure that you are viewing top notch items. Depending on when your wedding is going to be, ask each vendor if there is a discount if your wedding is in the off season. This is often the case. How much time will they need for setup and teardown? Do they charge for delivery? Make sure that you go to each company with a list of the items that you are seeking and then find out how much it would be to rent all of those items. Do they also provide setup design and advice on where things should be setup? When you are more than satisfied with the answers you receive from one particular candidate, ask for a contract which should include everything they will be providing. After you have read through the contract and are satisfied with its wording, have both parties sign on the dotted line.