T raveling through this state offers a ton of surprises! With our knowledge of the area and commitment to excellence in many regards, we've become very familiar with all of the roads. That's not all, we have great ideas on where to go if you're looking to plan a memorable trip, so keep our number at the forefront of your mind.

Cole’s Pub

527 U.S. 30 Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-7142

Cole's Pub is a traditional American establishment with an amazing selection of beer and cocktails. Their food is totally home made, and the locals can't get enough of their daily specials to add affordability along with the deliciousness. The generous portions makes this a no brainer for your next dinner in Imperial.

Garden of Eating Pizzeria

7900 Steubenville Pike Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-7131

Garden of Eating Pizzeria is where you're going to find all of the best options for pizza in the Imperial area of Pennsylvania. The calzones here are the perfect portable lunch option if you happen to be on the go in the area. The friendly staff ensures that you'll be returning time and time again for your pizza needs.

Angelia’s Pizza

410 Penn Lincoln Dr Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-9007

Angelia's Pizza is another option for enjoying some pizza in Imperial. They even deliver now, so this is quite the convenient spot for take out or delivery. This has consistently been voted one of the best places to enjoy pizza in the area, so give it a shot the next time you're craving your pizza, so come check it out.

Inn Place Restaurant

7958 Steubenville Pike Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-1017

Inn Place Restaurant is a local restaurant where you'll enjoy outstanding service. We can't get enough of the food and drink here! We highly recommend ordering the sirloin with shrimp and scallops, as it's a great way to enjoy surf and turf when you find yourself in Imperial. The Reese's peanut butter pie is outstanding.

Speedies Pizza

514 Route 30 Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-1500

Speedies Pizza offers delivery that is just what the namesake implies. Whether it's take out, delivery, or dine in, you'll find that there are delicious pizza pies to be devoured here. They don't skimp when it comes to the quantity of toppings on top of the pie, so you can feel confident choosing this consistent choice!

Celebrations Bar Banquet and Grill

8110 Steubenville Pike Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-4333

Celebrations Bar is a new American style restaurant that offers amazing Italian and seafood to choose from. Their happy hour has a ton of savings on both dinner and drinks. You have the option of eating on the deck if it happens to be a nice day out! If you're looking for a new spot to enjoy some food, this is it for you.

Lee’s Wok

455 Penn Lincoln Dr Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-3899

Lee's Wok is a restaurant that primarily serves up Chinese food. If you're a fan of the usual Americanized Chinese food, this will be one of your new favorite places to enjoy an affordable lunch or dinner special. Don't leave without picking up one of their advertisement papers, you'll learn a lot about some affordable deals.

Chill Frozen Desserts

420 Penn Lincoln Dr Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-8855

Chill Frozen Desserts is a destination for ice cream and frozen yogurt in the Imperial area of Pennsylvania. They have a ton of different innovative flavors to choose from above and beyond the usual vanilla and chocolate. You're going to want to check out all of the options before choosing, it will definitely be hard.

Fine Wine & Good Spirits

440 Penn Lincoln Dr Imperial, PA 15126
Phone number (724) 695-4100

Fine Wine & Good Spirits is where all of the locals go to get their beer, wine, and liquor. While there are different liquor store options to consider, this one is family owned and has a great environment. Be sure to consider giving this spot a chance when you find yourself in the area, especially if you happen to be dining with a group.

Zip codes for Imperial include: 15126