M anchester, Pennsylvania is a smaller town, but that shouldn't stop you from making a stop on your tour through the surrounding communities. If you're planning a trip here and need to know where to find all of the best grub, that's what we;re here for! The especially popular concession stand is a must try. We look forward to speaking with you about your get together.

Manchester Cafe

4302 N George St Ext Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-3887

Manchester Cafe is the local cafe where locals gather to enjoy affordable eats and friendly service. Whether it's an omelette you're cravings or something like a club sandwich with all of the fixings, you'll be able to find it here in the best quality. There's nothing quite like starting your day off right with breakfast!

Parma Pizza & Grill

220 Maple St Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-1900

Parma Pizza & Grill is an Italian restaurant that specializes in serving up pizza to all those in Manchester. Where else can you find selections like chicken bacon ranch pizza? The stromboli, submarine sandwiches, and salads are all options to consider when you're looking for a new spot to eat at in the area.

Bobcat Creamery

117 S Main St Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 384-6035

Bobcat Creamery is an ice cream and frozen yogurt destination in Manchester that also serves up lunch and dinner options like burgers, salads, and more. We love their outdoor seating and attention to detail when it comes to customer service, there's nothing better than that when you're looking for a hometown establishment.

Peking Chinese Restaurant

4165 N George St Ext Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-5536

Peking Chinese Restaurant is serving up authentic offerings of Chinese food to those in Manchester. Some of the most popular dishes her einclude the vegetable lo mein, orange chicken, as well as the sweet and sour chicken. The wait time can be a bit lengthy on the weekends when they're the busiest, so keep that in mind.

The Pizza Box & Hoagie Shop

4328 N George St Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-6963

The Pizza Box & Hoagie Shop is a local pizzeria with affordability and deliciousness. They also offer other dishes such as stromboli, calzones, sandwiches, and salads. The clam strips are another popular appetizer to consider eating when you decide to check this spot out! They offer delivery for extra convenience to you!

Debbie’s Pizza

229 S Main St Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-4484

Debbie's Pizza is yet another delicious pizzeria destination! Locals in the area love pizza, and when it's coming from a business such as this, it's easy to see why that is. Here, they load the dishes with amazing toppings. The milkshakes are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth, so keep it in mind for your dessert.


115 Glen Dr Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-0182

Subway is a local fast food destination serving up submarine sandwiches. This is where many of the locals head to for their lunch, and that's because this is an affordable option that consistently offers new choices on their varied menu. They also carry healthy alternatives for potato chips for you to consider!

Glacier Flakes & The Chilly Pepper Cafe

4308 N George St Extd Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 268-8650

Glacier Flakes & The Chilly Pepper Cafe is a Mexican style establishment in Manchester that has amazing desserts, most notably their amazing shaved ice. They also offer a small menu of items for lunch and dinner, as well. Be sure to ask the staff if they're offering any discounts or specials on their food and drink here.

China One

109 Glen Dr Manchester, PA 17345
Phone number (717) 266-3800

China One is a Chinese restaurant in Manchester. With a family owned atmopshere and cleanliness throughout, you'll feel welcome here as soon as you walk out with your carry out selection that was probably extremely affordable. We love the fact that you're seated with free miso soup! The hot and sour soup is another option for an appetizer, so come try it out for tonight.

Zip codes for Manchester include: 17345