There are many options for your wedding and for every phase that will be taking place. And that includes your entertainment. We know the traditional entertainment is usually a live band and/or wedding DJ. But in the last decade, there are numerous additional entertainment options that have emerged and that have become extremely popular. One that we highly recommend is a photo booth. Talk about a blast. Your guests will not know what to do with themselves. And one of the great things about a photo booth is that it gives your guests that are not necessarily into dancing something else to do. Think about it, your guests will have a number of backdrops to pick from as well as props to use for the corniest pictures imaginable. And you will love the fact that while your guests are having one of the best times of their lives, they are also creating a special memory book for you and your fiancée. Not to mention the fact that they will leave your reception with a special keepsake of their own in the form of their photo strip. One word of warning, just make sure that you deal with a quality photo booth provider. You do not want to show up at your reception and see a monstrosity right in the middle of the room. So, with this in mind, print out this page so you can reference it when needed. It will lead you to some quality providers and it will help you hone in on the one professional provider who will make everyone happy at your reception.

So, first things first. How do we find some quality photo booth providers? Well, many people forget about their wedding vendors once they have hired them, but that would a mistake. So, call up each wedding vendor and find out if they are able to recommend any providers for photo booths. With their amazing connections, we would be shocked if they did not have a name or two that they could give you. Another great source are your family, friends and coworkers. These are folks that you know very well so strike up a conversation and find out if anyone you know has ever rented a photo booth or at least experienced a quality one. And, of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention internet research. Do a web search for “photo booths for Pittsburgh,PA” and you will be off and running with candidates to check out. When you have compiled a list of worthy candidates, contact each one and find out when would be a good time to stop by their location for a visit and a tour of one of their booths.

Once on-site, there are some specific questions that you will want to get answers to. Find out how long they have been in business. This is important because you don't want to do business with someone who might not be in business by the time your wedding rolls around. Ask for references for sure. Getting first hand accounts of other's experiences is a tremendous asset to knowing who might be good for you. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Talk quite a bit about the equipment that they use, it must be high quality professional grade. Have them show you a booth and operate the equipment right in front of you. Make sure you are satisfied with what you see. Will there be an attendant with the booth throughout your reception. We believe this is a must not only to show people how to operate the booth but just in case anything goes wrong. How much is it to rent a booth? Do they offer packages? And finally, do you like the quality of the booth itself. You don't want an eye sore at your reception. All of these questions and the answers you receive should lead you to the right provider for your big day.