We are going to be absolutely blunt about this. When it comes to planning your wedding, you need to make sure that you obtain the right professional help. Do not try to take on all of the details associated with a wedding on your own. Not unless you want to be stressed out and feeling completely drained when your big day comes. And this is especially true when you are having a destination wedding. Are you up to spending hours online searching for deals and then talking to all of the vendors. Believe us when we tell you that this whole process can be headache-inducing. So, if this doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to you, we urge you to seek out a professional travel agency. Remember, the good ones know this business very well. And it is in your best interest to let them wrangle with the myriad of choices for flights, hotels, car rental and tours associated with your wedding location. Also, with their connections, they should be able to get you the best value. So, think about all of the advantages to hiring a professional travel agency. They will save you time, they will save you money, you will have the expertise and knowledge of someone who knows the business and can research your location, and they will make sure that all of your details are taken care of and nothing is missed. Not to mention that you won't have to love a life of stress leading up to your special day. If we have convinced you that going with a travel agent is the best route for you, then make sure you take this guide with you everywhere you go. This guide was designed to help you find some quality travel agencies and then to evaluate them in order to make sure you hire the perfect vendor for you and your big day.

Your first mission is to come up with candidates. There are three primary ways that we recommend in order to accomplish this. A good start is to tap into the world wide web. Do a Google search for “travel agencies in the Pittsburgh area.” This search should give you a number of candidates to evaluate. Also, check with your wedding vendors that you have already hired. And what about the people that you are around on a regular basis. Ask your family, friends and coworkers if they have every worked with a travel agency that they could recommend. Once you have a list of candidates to check out, call up each one and setup a day and time to interview them.

With destination weddings, it is all about logistics. Be prepared to provide to each candidate that you interview some pertinent information. First of all, they need to know how many guests will be coming to your destination wedding. Do you already have a location picked out? If not, have a discussion about how they can help you pick a place. Talk about budget. If you are asking your family and friends to pay for part or all of their trip, you want to keep things as reasonable as possible. Talk about how long everyone will be staying. Can they set it up so that your guests are offered package options? In terms of the hotel, will everyone be staying at the same place? What kind of savings can they get for you with their connections? How will the agency get paid? At some point, one of your candidates should give you a sense of confidence that they know what they are doing and can pull off your destination wedding. Enjoy your amazing wedding.


A great resource to check out is MyTravelCatalogs.com. They have information specific to weddings for you to check out as well as Hotels, Ground, and Airline Travel. We're confident that you'll learn a ton about travel from their collection of information.