Don't let the potential cost of professional transportation deter you from using it! Although luxurious limousines and limo buses seem as though they'd be a opulent expenditure, when you rent with Pittsburgh Limousine Bus, you'll actually save money. With our years of experience in the transportation industry, we've been able to come up with a system of pricing that passes on the savings to you each and every time without sacrificing overall quality of service. When it comes to getting the best price and the best transportation, Pittsburgh Limousine Bus is the company to call!

You can make sure your quote is completely accurate and customized to the nature of your personal event by giving us a few simple pieces of information. To get your quote, let us know where you and your friends are going, when you will need to use our transportation, and how many people you'll have with you. These pieces of information may seem random, but they let us know everything we'll need to send you on your way. Our booking process is just as efficient as our overall transportation.

Not happy with the price you've received from one of our booking agents? There are always options to make your price lower! Have you considered splitting the overall cost among the total number of passengers? How about avoiding the peak areas of time, weekends and holidays? You'll find that these things make quite a difference when it comes to how much you're spending. However, you can be assured that you're receiving the best quality transportation in Pittsburgh, making it well worth the cost you're paying! Give us a call when you're ready to set up your reservation, and we'll be glad to help you.


When planning my brothers bachelor party I was completely lost and in over my head, thankfully I called you guys and it was a weight off my shoulders, and it went great. Thank you!

Jonah Hershfeld

Weddings are super stressful! I'm so happy I found your company, not only was the service provided above advertised but your booking person took the time to help me with my whole itinerary. So sweet and helpful.

Alice Avery

The party bus was an absolute hit with my son and all his friends. They are still talking about it weeks later. The driver was excellent and very friendly. Just wanted to say thanks!

Kari Wilson

Thank you so much for your great service on New Years Eve, we had a blast all night and the driver was super accommodating and tolerant of our drunken stupidity. We will use you again!

Stephen Torbel